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Novum Gives Back: Novum Fargo Donated Laboratory Equipment to Local School

Apr 8, 2017

Fargo, ND: As part of its commitment to the communities in which it operates, Novum made a recent donation of scientific equipment to a local school in Fargo. Novum had a surplus of laboratory equipment from its acquisition of the site in 2013, and decided to donate it to the community instead of selling it. Mike Hellman, Novum Fargo’s Associate Director of Clinical Operations, turned to the educational community. Coordinating with a life sciences teacher at Liberty Middle School, Novum donated hundreds of beakers, flasks, filters, chemical bottles, and more to the school’s science department . The equipment, valued at over $30,000, will be used by the school in support of its life science, earth science, chemistry, and biology curriculum.


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