Novum CRA Academy

If you want to take your career in clinical research to a higher level, this is the program for you. The Novum CRA Academy trains clinical research associates in our Clinical Trial Management division. This innovative program provides extensive classroom and on-site training for new CRAs. To be considered for the CRA Academy, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree in a scientific or clinical discipline, an aptitude for analytical thinking and exceptional attention to detail.

A rigorous selection process, including a full day of interviews, aptitude tests and meetings, ensures that candidates are ready for the challenge.

Classroom training covers research practices and conducting site visits, as well as the regulations governing research.

Classes included in the program:
• Good Clinical Practices
• Conducting Site Visits (Inspections, Initiations, Monitoring and Closeout)
• Adverse Event/Serious Adverse Event Monitoring and Reporting
• Research Ethics
• Pharmacology
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Statistics
• Professionalism in the Workplace
• Scientific and Good Business Writing
• Data Management

After the classroom training, CRAs advance to supervised fieldwork under the guidance of senior CRAs, project team leaders and clinical leads.

Completion of this program equips CRAs with the skills and abilities required to monitor sites, develop quality data and ensure patient safety. Training and mentoring in job-specific competencies, as well as in overall career development, continues for CRAs.

To date, all CRA graduates have made a strong commitment to a career at Novum, a compelling measure of the program’s success.